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Best Beginner’s Book to read

Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

About the book.

“Metamorphosis“ is less than 100 page novella written by Franz kafka, and published in 1915.
The story is about a man named Gregor Samsa who one morning find himself unexpectedly transformed into a vermin.

Little overview of the story.

Gregor Samsa, who is terrified by this bizzare event, still wants to go to his daily job of being a salesman while not even knowing how we would even get out of his bed with his sickening vermin body.
Gregor is the only member in the family that provides financial income in the house. Obliquely because of this trait, Gregor is considered a valuable person in the house. When he turned into a vermin, he find himself failed to protect his only valuable base he had, that was, financial support, he sees his value leaving away before his eyes.
Later on gregor’s family finds out that his now not Gregor Samsa they have known, now it’s a disgusting vermin which is revolting to look at. After finding this truth, his family locks Gregor in his room, so he can’t leave outside.
They fortunately feed him, the food which every vermin would like, garbage, leftover food, milk etc. Gregor didn’t hesitate on this feast, gladly that’s the only thing that he could eat as a vermin, and also because Gregor didn’t get food for few days when he was locked, so he was ravenous to eat.
Days goes by, then weeks, Gregor got used to his vermin body, now he could crawl on the floors and ceiling. His daily routine to wait for his sister bring food and he just hides under the sofa in his room, because he don’t want to scare his lovely sister by disgust appearance of his. As she puts down the food on the floor above newspaper, Gregor watches her calmly, feeling miserable how we planned to give his sister the best violin classes that she needed, but now he watches her serving garbage.

Why you should read it.
In this story, you will find Gregor Samsa, now a vermin a compelling character to read about. While reading this, the question would arise in your mind like, how did he turn into a vermin, will his family accept him as a vermin, is this a dream of Gregor, what will happen to him when leaves his room ? And if you want to find the answer of these questions and then surely give this book a try.


Franz Kafka

Gregor Samsa’s situation is no way relatable to the audience, a person turning into a vermin, but still the incredible author “Franz Kafka” finds a way to make the character and situation heart touching to read. The author infamous for his bizarre concepts in his stories. Many people find it hard to even describe his story, so scholars came up with a new word “Kafkaesque “ which means characteristic or reminiscent of the oppressive or nightmarish qualities of Franz Kafka’s fictional world. A word solely made just to describe his book Or any bizarre situation.


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation.


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