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Last Cigarette

A man who is smoking his last saggy cigarette from his pack, looked at his empty pack while he took his puffs of his saggy cigarette from his arid lips.
All alone in his room, sitting on an old crusty chair shaking his one leg as he took one more puff and flicked his two fingers which were holding his almost finished burnt dignity. The ashes fell down on the wooden floor, leaving a mark on it beside numerous more ash marks, marks after marks across the floor, maybe even too many to count.
His name, Marin, started fidgeting his legs more anxiously as he realized his dignity between his own two fingers is almost finished now. He looked front of him, above.
A rope dangling from his ancient ceiling fan, rope had a loop, and tied together perfectly, perfectly shaped for his lonely neck, staring at him.
His hand shook nervously as he flicked away his last cigarette from his fingers, but it didn’t seem he took the last puff from it. But too late, the cigarette is already on the ash decorated floor.
He stood with hesitation, still shaking as he holds the hand of the chair to stand still, but still leaning toward right, unable to balance his body to stand properly, can be seen he’s a coward.
“Make up your God damn mind!” Marin said. “You planed for it and now you can do this no matter what!, my life has been totally shit, I lost my job, I lost my pet, I lost my loved ones, I lost my wife three years ago and every thing is going downhill ever since”.
Marin ranted like this about his life like a baby kid who lost his fluffy animal before good night sleep, while he couldn’t even able to stand properly, looking like he’s an old man who shit his pants and now complaining about it.
After Marin done from his baby ranting, he used bravery from his body, if he had any, to stand straight properly. He stood up on the chair, still standing straight. He took a deep breath, he gazed at the rope dangling, ominously. He grabbed the rope with his both shaky hands. Sweating terribly, he pulled rope closer to his empty neck and wore the rope, like a necklace, more so death necklace.
“Was I a good person?“ Marin asked to himself, as he tied the rope to his neck. “ I hope I’ll get the answer in the afterlife.“
He tightened his jaw, closed his eyes, let his hands loose. Then he kicked his chair backward, as the chair fell, his body started dangling from the rope, but his body was still fidgeting, his body mercifully begging for air as his body started going num. His body slowly stopped moving.
But, as his life could be seen going away from his body, the ancient ceiling fan fell, out of nowhere, loosing the rope. He dropped on the ash floor, as soon as he did a life giving landing, he took some deep breaths of air, opened his eyes wide, and started inhaling all the oxygen in an almost empty room.
After Marin inhaled, actually sucked in, enough oxygen to speak, he said “ Shit! Nothing happens good in my life, not even suicide. Can’t even kill myself in this crooked world, I don’t know about God, but my landlord exist. Now, I have to pay for this crappy ceiling fan that landlord gave me last week. One more bill adds to my life, great. ”
While ranting, he suddenly sees his last puff still left cigarette that he flicked earlier. He picked it up and took its last life, before throwing it away and went to his job to get more of these, not rope but cigarettes.


2 responses to “Last Cigarette”

  1. Love it. Check out for some typos though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure, I’ll surely do next time. Thanks.


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