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Here, you can find short stories from different genre and all of these stories are written by me. So, there can be limited amount of stories, but quality over quantity is also a moto to live by.


As i said, stories from different genre is available to read. Thriller, romantic, drama, etc. And if you want stories from different genre then I’ll add soon.


Why you should read these stories or any story? Because reading is a habit that we all should have in our life. Reading is very important skill to have, but due to recent technology we don’t read enough and because of that our mind is losing its creativity.

Losing creative? How? you may ask. Because I creativity arise when we read something. Reading a new story which is out of the box really opens your creativity. The stories allows you to think properly, keeps your creativity alive, and entertaine you in your boredom.


2 responses to “SHORT STORIES”

  1. I have written a few novels and have enjoyed the process, because I wonder what is going to happen next. I write poetry as a form of spending time with God. I am afraid if I stop, that the words will stop flowing.

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    1. Yeah. Writing and getting amazed by your story in the end is a feeling that is hard to explain.


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